• Solutions for integrated photonics
    Planar WGM resonators vertically coupled to bus waveguides
  • Strained silicon waveguides
    Periodically poled strained silicon waveguides for nonlinear optics and photonics
  • Integrated resonators with embedded light emitting Si quantum dots

The Advanced Photonics and Photovoltaics group of CMM-FBK performs research and development in the fields of silicon photonics and organic and inorganic solar cells. APP has been formed in 2009, joining relatively young scientists with a very strong background in optical spectroscopy and silicon photonics, in particular, resonator optics, as well as in chemistry and opto-electronic engineering.

We offer customised silicon photonics solutions for life-science, data communication technologies and photovoltaics.

Our capabilities to engineer the properties of silicon at nanoscale allow to envision new components and devices that may compete with those based on conventional materials but with the important advantage of using the mature mass fabrication technology of silicon.